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Equipment Management Solutions (EMSolutions) help you increase uptime and reduce your operating costs. Carefully managing your equipment helps you boost efficiency and make your business more competitive. With today’s machine technologies, effective equipment management is easier than ever. Monitoring machine data lets you see exactly where you can make changes to ensure that your equipment delivers the maximum amount of work for the lowest possible cost.

There are four ways of using good equipment management practices—along with technologies and services from Cat® EMSolutions—which will help you build a stronger bottom line.


See your real costs and make informed decisions to reduce them.   Instantly locate machines and see when service is due.   Track operating practices and minimize service staff overtime.   Stop theft and unauthorized usage while managing uncertainties.


There are five levels of service to get the support you want without paying for services you don’t need.

Access to valuable equipment information

  • Know the location and status of your equipment
  • Online access to equipment utilization, efficiency, and health
  • Access to fluid analysis and convenient online parts ordering

Information on how to utilize valuable equipment data

  • Review reports with relevant fleet trends and industry benchmark comparisons
  • Learn how to use data and applications to better manage your equipment
  • Know how to schedule maintenance reminders and act on alerts and events

Advice on how and when to maintain and repair equipment

  • Make decisions based on expert recommendations
  • S•O•S Services provides critical information on fluid condition, contamination, and component wear
  • Equipment inspections can spot minor problems to avoid costly repairs & downtime

Preventive maintenance services

  • Timely and convenient
  • Improve equipment availability and lower operating costs
  • Enhance equipment resale values

Equipment management services

  • Lower maintenance and repair costs
  • Reduce customer resources required for maintenance and repair
  • Reduce equipment downtime and unscheduled repairs