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As new products and innovations continues to enhance our world, customer training has become a necessity to maximize the performance of your equipment, reduce costly downtime, increase your ROI, improve safety, enhance operator performance, and much more.

We offer customized “Operator Skills & Maintenance Training” for operators and technicians performed by instructors, and we also offer “Technical Training Programs” for engineers and technicians performed by dealer or Caterpillar instructors. Upon completion of the courses, each person will receive a certificate from the party that delivered the training.

Operators Training:

One of the success points of your business depends on the quality of your operators. Good heavy equipment operators move the maximum amount of material in the minimum amount of time. They operate machines safely and they know how to cut down on unnecessary wear and tear. Upon completion of the training, each person will receive a course certificate from JTEC.

Contact Us today and schedule your operators for the Operators & Maintenance Training.

The Operation & Maintenance Training

  • Safety tips on Operation & Maintaining the equipment
  • Contamination Control
  • Equipment Operation
  • Location of Components
  • Visual Inspection
  • Maintenance Interval Schedule

Technical Training:

Technical training offers you a better understanding of the key fundamental systems on your equipment. Learn technical tips and techniques on how to better maintain your equipment, testing & adjusting, and productivity while reducing costs.

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Technical Training

  • Equipment Overview
  • Location of Components
  • Equipment Systems
  • Testing & Adjusting